Graco will provide you with the best baby furniture including all types of cribs among them the travel cribs. The graco travel crib instructions will come together with the set but you can also get them on the net just in case you lose yours. Following the graco travel crib instructions is very easy and with the help of another person, you can assemble the crib within an hour or less. Graco travel crib is necessary when you are travelling and you should make sure you do not forget your instructions. You will easily set the crib up once again after and your baby is ready to sleep. The best thing about graco travel crib is that you can easily assemble it without using tools.

You will first have to stand the travel the crib on its four feet on the bottom and then open the mattress securing tabs and set them aside. Then pull the corners of the crib outward in order to expand it and make it stand on its own; stop pulling once it is stable. At the center of the crib there is a hub, you should make sure it doesn’t touch the floor and that it is covered by the crib fabric; however, the hub will still be visible through the crib fabric. After you are done with this, pull down the horizontal rail along one side of the crib; this is meant to straighten out the sides of the crib, once straightened you are supposed to hear a clicking sound.

Also make sure you straighten all the sides of the crib and this should be confirmed by a clicking sound as well. In case you do no hear this clicking sound, push up the crib and then pull it down; this will make all the sides straighten well. In order to make the crib steady, you will need to push the hub in to the floor. The crib will be steady and stable once the hub is fully established on the floor. After you are done with this, you can now put the mattress in place and secure it using the cribs small tabs. This will make sure your baby will be in maximum comfort while lying there.

The graco travel crib instructions are very easy to follow and especially so because you do not need to carry any tools with you in order to assemble it. This is the best for your kid when you want to travel as you do not need to worry about where to lay your baby once it falls asleep. Other than the simplicity of assembling it and the fact that you can carry it with you anywhere you want, it provides your baby with maximum comfort and security once lying in there. You can easily disassemble it and pack it at the back seat of your car while travelling and easily follow the graco travel crib instructions to assemble it back into form once you get to your destination. Your baby will always experience the same sweet comfort wherever you decide to go.

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