Graco Shelby Crib-Today is a sunny day, hope everything goes well. In fact, I have got a cold these days, really a rough time. But that’s just a small problem and had not made any difference to my life. Here in this post I’d like to share my Graco Shelby classic 4 in 1 convertible crib review as what I get used to do.

Graco Shelby classic crib is my third recommending Graco crib. You can choose between two colors- the cappuccino one and the cherry one. The former one is cheaper than the latter one. The cherry one is really beautiful straight to my heart, and is also worth the price. Most costumers said that after few months of using, the cherry one is brighter than the cappuccino one. 59.8 x 34.2 x 31.8 inches size can be a very comfortable space for your baby. When your baby grows up, you can convert this crib to a toddler bed easily and no guard needed for conversion.

With three position adjustable mattress levels, your new bought mattress can fit the crib perfectly. The worst thing my customer had was they bought a new mattress and can’t fit their new crib appropriately. So, it’s wise to buy a mattress together with the crib as it’s very common to see many “buy together” packages. I recommend you to buy this package, not only because the coupon they have, but also you can save time during installing the new Graco Shelby crib.

It won’t take too much of your brain cells to install Graco Shelby crib. No drilling and tough work is needed when installing. If you are a new dad, 30 minutes is estimated enough for you to complete the whole process. You say you can get it done in 15 minutes? If so, you must have gift in wood working, ha-ha, show it off to your wife!

If you have made a decision to order a Graco Shelby crib, I recommend you to buy that cherry one. Trust me, with time passing by you will find what I said is right and you would never regret. May the cherry one’s price is a little expensive, I recommend you to order a Graco Lauren crib with affordable price and beautiful color.

When I was a child, I saw my crib in storage room. It was a cheery one, still looked new. I do not know what brand it belonged to, but so much appreciation to her. With it I spent quite a lot of my baby time. What I mean here is collecting the things your baby uses, even a giraffe teether. When your baby grows up, these stuffs can evoke something. I don’t know whether other people have such memories or not; at least I have some special feeling with these stuffs.

My Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib review has finished on the preceding paragraphs in fact. Having talked about something off our topic, but all from my mind, hope you don’t mind. Well, thank you for reading my post. Good luck!

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