Graco cribs has a number of good qualities are likely to prompt you into purchasing one. It is elegant, beautiful and most of all simple to disassemble and assemble. A graco crib gives your baby a chance to experience a nice sleep on his/her own; therefore this is exactly what you require when the baby comes. With its simple instructions of assembling you can set it anywhere or anytime you want. Here are some of the graco crib instructions that you can follow and do a smart job of assembly.

First, before you get into the job, you need to make sure that you have the right tools with you. Such tools include a screwdriver and a hammer for putting things in place. You also need to make sure that before you start the job, the house humidity is adjusted correctly to avoid wood expansion and contraction. Also be sure that all the parts are there before you start working; this will prevent you from stopping at the middle stranded where to go when you find out that some things are missing. After making sure that you have everything ready, you can now start you assembling job; this will be simple since you have everything with you. You might need an extra hand too to help you by holding things for you or passing you some items as you do the graco crib assembly.

You can start by screwing the back legs of the crib to their back rail position, and then attach the bottom rail first before attaching the top rail. After you are done with this, attach the back rail middle; make sure you put the top back ails in their right position. You can then bolt and screw the two back crib legs and insert the dowels in their right place; at the top of the back rail in the middle and fix them well. For the back rail top, you can fix them beck using the wooden screws available and after doing this, make sure you as well affix the groves into their underneath top rail position.
After you are done with the top and bottom rails, you can start fixing the sides. There are provision of dowels that you can use to connect the crib sides to the front legs using the bolts and nuts that are also available for this. Each crib end is made with fitting dowels for easy fitting; fix them through the crib sides to their right positions. Make sure you attach all the cribs using the dowels, nuts and bolts provided. Graco crib fixing will be easy if you follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to keen on the alignment and pairing of the crib parts. Avoid the mistake of fixing them facing out or else you will be forced to disassemble them again.

You can then go into fixing the bottom part to the front of your graco crib. You first need to fix the bottom stretcher to the front legs of the crib; the dowels and screws for this are provided. Bolt these two together via the front legs of the crib. The provided metal spring should be placed in the frame of the crib using the available bolts. It is important to make sure that you have locked the front rail in its highest position using the screws to avoid it from falling off the crib. To finish graco crib assembly, insert the crib wheels to make your crib mobile and place the mattress on the spring metal. By following these simple graco crib instructions, you can easily assemble and disassemble your crib any time.

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