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So now I’m here writing my overall Graco Cribs review to you, sharing my exclusive experience of Graco Cribs. I say this review a exclusive one for the reason that I have worked in 3 Graco retail shops for a total two and a half years, thus I know Graco cribs further well than you can imagine, you believe it or not, I believe, however. Ok, let’s get to the point; you must be more interested in Graco cribs, rather not me, ha-ha. So this review would put more focus on Lauren crib and Sarah Crib, and also share some light on the rest Graco cribs.

Graco Cribs | Graco Lauren crib

graco cribs Graco Cribs

Let’s see the Graco Lauren crib first, the best selling one in our shop. This is really a four in one baby bed. It can be converted into a toddler bed, or a daybed, and even a full-sized bed, but the frame that added for a full-sized bed is sold separately. Usually I value functions better than looks, but as for Lauren Crib, none of these two features are missed. If you have a girl baby, you should choose the white one, and for baby boy, black or espresso are good choices. Lines of Lauren crib are clean and straight, natural and succinct. Are you still doubt Lauren Crib’s safety? If so, never waste your time worrying this again. This elegant beauty has been deemed very safe for infants and toddlers by the JPMA, ASTM and CPSC. - Read Real Customer Reviews


Graco Sarah crib Graco Cribs Graco Cribs
Well, it’s Sarah Crib’s turn. Like the Lauren crib, Sarah crib is also very hot, you may doubt whether it lives up to the hype far and near, for this you can just do a survey, cause many people have done this like you would. This one is also a 4 in 1 crib, same as the Lauren crib. The stationary side rails act like a royal guard for your baby. What’s more, Sarah crib has really elegant and humanized design- the mattress has 3 level adjustments for long term use. What color so you prefer? White, Espresso, Cinnamon, and Cherry or exceptional? And the design goes with any decor. This beauty can be assembled easily and all of the pieces to convert the bed come with it. Currently the Graco Sarah crib is at $140 around. - Read Real Customer Reviews

The rest Graco Somerset Crib, Graco Shelby Crib and Graco Stanton Crib commonly share the main features of Graco cribs, and vary for their exclusive points. The Graco Somerset crib high lights on Somerset collection. And the Shelby crib is that it is among the easiest models to put together. As to Stanton Crib, the side is fixed, and there is no drop side. Safe enough, isn’t it? Graco Cribs is truly in terms of style, comfort and even for your budget.

For detailed information of each crib, read my following posts. It’s great pleasure to see all your different thoughts of Graco cribs.

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